ConnectOnCall Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an automated on-call medical answering service?

Using an automated on-call medical answering service offers numerous benefits for healthcare practices. Firstly, it allows for customization to match your preferences and protocols. You can hear directly from patients without any third-party interpretation, ensuring clear and accurate communication. Additionally, it protects your privacy by displaying your practice number instead of personal phone numbers. The service seamlessly integrates with most Electronic Health Records (EHRs), streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Being HIPAA compliant, you can enhance patient care and satisfaction with comprehensive documentation of every incoming call.

How does the service work?

The process is straightforward. You simply forward your phones to a local phone number provided by the automated on-call service. This ensures that patients calling your practice hear a customized greeting specific to your organization. Urgent calls promptly notify the on-call provider based on their preferred method of contact. A detailed report is generated each morning, encompassing both urgent and non-urgent calls. This report allows your staff to review and address any follow-ups required, ensuring seamless continuity of care.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, you are not required to sign a long-term contract. ConnectOnCall operates with flexibility, allowing you to end the service with a 30-day written notice.

Can you help answer calls during the day?

Yes, ConnectOnCall’s Weekday Assist can support call volume throughout the day. You can customize the system to meet your specific needs. With all calls documented, you will always attend to all important calls, minimizing staff and workflow disruption. This helps in optimizing staffing allocation for your practice.

Is the ConnectOnCall service HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, the ConnectOnCall service is HIPAA compliant. ConnectOnCall has undergone the necessary steps to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and the protection of sensitive patient data and ensuring privacy and security.

Do you integrate with EHRs?

Yes, ConnectOnCall integrates with many commonly used Electronic Health Records (EHRs), ensuring seamless information flow and enhancing efficiency.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on your EHR, it can take between 1 to 4 weeks to get your practice up and running with ConnectOnCall and EHR integration. We can set up your practice without integration within a day or two, ensuring a quick and smooth transition.

Does using an automated service help with malpractice?

Yes, using an automated service like ConnectOnCall can help with malpractice concerns. It provides a complete audit trail and documentation of all incoming calls, which can be archived and accessed when needed. This documentation can be valuable for addressing any potential malpractice claims.

Do you provide 24/7 support?

Yes, ConnectOnCall offers 24/7 support to provide assistance whenever you need it. Our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.

Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, we currently have practices using ConnectOnCall in Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin. We can also create custom solutions for other languages based on your requirements.

Does using an automated service help with Medicare Reimbursement?

ConnectOnCall can assist with Medicare Reimbursement through the MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) program. MIPS aims to incentivize and reward healthcare professionals for delivering high-quality care to Medicare patients. As part of the MIPS requirements, practices must demonstrate their 24/7 availability by phone for patients in need. ConnectOnCall fulfills this requirement as it operates round-the-clock. Moreover, we provide a report through our manager portal, allowing you to easily access and print the necessary documentation to meet this requirement

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